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Andrew Watt - woodturner

My interest in woodwork started at an early age and I recall as a child of five or six, in my Grandfather's shed, building a model boat to sail in the boating lake at Southsea. We never did sail the boat but my passion for woodwork remains.

Different aspects of woodwork have been part of my life for many years and this has taken many avenues from building kitchen units for my first house to a number of years of doing marquetry. I had an interest in woodturning but did not have the equipment or space to investigate the craft. This all changed when I had a garage built and I had the opportunity to buy a second-hand lathe. I undertook a course with a renowned tutor at a well-known tool supplier.

Over the fifteen years since I started with the craft the desire to work with wood has not diminished. The thrill of converting a rough block of wood into a finished object either with free flowing curves or crisp edges and exposing the beauty of the figure and grain of the wood is as exciting now as it was when I started.

My particular preference is to use local English woods and Oak and Yew are particular favourites of mine and it is always more meaningful to use local woods or even trees that I have known.